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As Co-Founder of Begin Apparel, and someone who likes making and designing clothes, I have included some of the digital design and clothing design I have done.

Hand cut and sewn Shark Map patches on Hunter Duffle bag.

Hand painted 1of1 Carhartt Rottweiler jacket.

Close up of Rottweiler jacket.

Hand painted shark map Carhartt jacket.

Hand cut and sewn Begin X Boston College hoodie.

Hand cut and sewn vintage Mickey Mouse X Undefeated Crewneck.

Hand cut and sewn Boston College X Providence College crewnecks.

Collage from photoshoot that I made within Adobe Photoshop.

Custom weathered lightning Air Force 1.

Bleached T-Shirt with logo I made in Adobe Illustrator.

Hand painted skeleton sweatshirt.

Hand painted Converse.

Hand painted Butterfly denim jacket.

Hand painted skeleton jeans.

Photoshopped Image of two of our products.

Bleached T-Shirt I made with logo that I designed within Adobe Illustrator.

Hand drawn logo I made in Adobe Illustrator.

Bleached back of T-Shirt that I hand drew.

Photo I took of Sand Sweatshirt.

Photo I took of shorts with Begin logo that I made from scratch in Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Design of alternate logo.

Hand cut and sewn patches I made for a custom product.

Hand drawn plane design I made for Fashion Show.

Graffiti Art of Logo done by myself.

Digital render of the shorts we released that I made in Photoshop.

Phone background I made in Adobe Photoshop.

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